First fully ADCA certified exchange

BTC Markets becomes first certified Australian Digital Currency Exchange.

On the eve of AUSTRAC’s regulation of Australia’s Digital Currency Exchange businesses, BTC Markets has become the first Australian exchange to become ADCA certified. ADCA, the Australian Digital Commerce Association which is the industry body for the Digital Currency Industry, introduced the Digital Currency Industry Code of Conduct in response to a recommendation of the Senate Enquiry into Digital Currencies.

In achieving certification, BTC Markets has demonstrated to independent auditors and the AD
CA that rigorous standards have been met in meeting the expectations of multiple Australian regulators, most notably AUSTRAC. The mark of certification helps consumers identify digital currency businesses that have best practice standards in place.



BTC Markets Support Team

7 thoughts on “First fully ADCA certified exchange

    • More sour grapes from COINSTATION…(I should have stuck with what the spell checker offered, “CONSTIPATION”) cause you sure seem to be full of it!! Good to see BTCM kicking goals and offering a supreme service with great backup and support, which is far more than what you mobsters are doing!

      • So true !! I just got my money wiped out with AIONNEXT this morning after 10 days of no contact from the broker. Got SCAMMED by them this morning when I checked the account. Yes I am spreading the word !!!! UK / Belarus based. UNREGULATED. If you lose money for your clients you have to answer to your manager. I am not sure this broker did or not. I am sure they are all part this scam. Their first few calls. Then intimidating tactics as well to persuade you to invest more. Money makes money. I was left ” high and dry !!!! ” Valuable lesson learnt.

        BTC has no middle and you can withdraw your money and 2 days it’s in your account. It’s got limited ALTCOINS but I am satisfied with it ! User friendly platform 10/10 . Highly recommended.

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  1. Well done Btc. Makes me more comfortable dealing with you. I know the work involved to get certified and it is a great effort

  2. I might be new to digital currencies but from my understanding, its either get accredited (giving your clients certainty and a degree of security) or be seen as “cowboys”. I support the concept of bitcoin (a peer to peer transaction without third party intervention) but if we aren’t subject to some scrutiny then the “cowboys” will move in and we will all lose! Bitcoin is built on trust but the reality is that the “cowboys” don’t play by the same rules. Well done BTC Markets – an Aussie company competing on a global stage.

  3. So true !! I just got my money wiped out with AIONNEXT and I am spreading the word. UK / Belarus based. UNREGULATED. Intimidating tactics as well. I was ” high and dry ” Valuable lesson. BTC has no middle and you can withdraw your money and 2 days it’s in your account. It’s got limited ALTCOINS but I am satisfied with it ! 5/5 for User friendly platform. Highly recommended.

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