Technologies of interest

Thank you for voting. We received more votes than anticipated.



26613 duplicate votes were found leaving 11437 unique (real) votes.

The totals are shown below:

6709 NEM
4022 NEO
581 IOTA
108 OmiseGo
6 USDt

We find all of the technologies extremely promising and this poll was not intended to cause competition between camps. Once again, thank you for taking part in the poll.



BTC Markets Support Team


26 thoughts on “Technologies of interest

  1. If you value diversification I’d suggest IOTA. Most of the coins in the poll are already present in one of the listed coins on your exchange. IOTA is one of the few blockchain-less cryptos and cooperates with major corporations worldwide. Aside from that, it offers a active developer team, a different approach to the scaling issue and feeless transactions.

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