The Ethereum (ETH) Hard Fork

The Ethereum Foundation has proposed a hard fork in response to the sustained denial of service attacks to the Ethereum network. The hard fork will occur at block 2463000. The fork will happen around Tuesday, October 19th at 00:45:00 AEDT.

As a BTC Markets customer, your full Ethereum balance will be automatically migrated to the winning chain and you do not have to do anything.

Be advised that deposits and withdrawals will be temporarily suspended before and after the fork (at 23:00 Oct 18th AEDT), however, trading will continue as per usual. If you do not want your Ethereum balance to be automatically migrated to the winning chain, we advise withdrawing your funds prior to this date.

Once the winning chain is up and running, deposits and withdrawals will resume. The losing chain will be decommissioned and will not be supported by BTC Markets and it will not be possible to get your balance back from the old chain.

More information can be found here

The BTC Markets Support Team


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