BTC Markets to add ‘The’ DAO’ tokens to it’s platform

BTC Markets is pleased to announce support for ‘The DAO’ tokens on the 28th of May: the same day that the creation phase of ‘The DAO’ ends. The platform will initially go live with ETH/DAO and BTC/DAO markets. After the creation phase it’s possible for token holders to transfer ownership and deposit tokens onto BTC Markets for trade. This will place BTC Markets as one of the first exchanges in the world to add support for ‘The DAO’ tokens.

What is ‘The DAO’?
Built on Ethereum, ‘The DAO’ is a for-profit Distributed Autonomous Organization that utilises crowd wisdom to benefit it’s owners (token holders). Unlike traditional companies that have a delegated management structure, The DAO operates through collective voting, and it’s controlled by anyone who has purchased a token. In addition to it’s token holders, there is group of Curators that can be voted in or out. The aim of ‘The DAO’ is to use the equity it controls to support projects that will provide a return on investment or benefit to the DAO and its members, and benefit the decentralized ecosystem as a whole.


The BTC Markets Team


One thought on “BTC Markets to add ‘The’ DAO’ tokens to it’s platform

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