Introducing Ethereum to BTC Markets

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain platform with smart contract functionality. Very recently Ethereum has exceeded $1 billion USD in market capitalisation. This makes it a strong contender to Bitcoin with a growing potential. At BTC Markets we are excited about Ethereum and the innovation potential surrounding it. Decentralised Ethereum applications (DAPPS) are already doing things like insurance, healthcare, social networking, micro payment processing, music streaming, crowd funding, advertising, credit rating, carbon offsetting, KYC, Uber and even managing entire organisations (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). A more comprehensive list can be found here –

A new Market for Ethereum
BTC Markets will be the first to launch a full AUD/ETH marketplace. This will be the first to have an Australian dollar directly pegged against the value of an Ether Coin. We have also launched a BTC/ETH pair for the convenience and liquidity of international traders who want to trade ETH quickly without having to deal with AUD and verification.

New Fee Structure for BTC Markets
All BTC Markets now have a flat 0.22% trading fee. AUD Markets will still have the volume discount model that can be discounted to 0.1%


4 thoughts on “Introducing Ethereum to BTC Markets

  1. It would be nice to see some proof of stake coins. Netcoin would be nice to add is the website. Staking mechanism is a consistent 6 hour stake with 45% per year set to halve each year. Coin is 2 years old no premine, no hidden funds. Started pow and now hybrid pow/pos. Check the forum and site out.

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