Reduced fees, improved trading & more

Our team is pleased to announce the following new features.

Reduced Trading Fee
Our trading fee now starts from 0.85% and can drop to 0.1% for high volume traders. Please see our fee schedule for details. It’s based on your 30 day volume so your trading fee may have already have been reduced. You can check your current fee by entering some volume on the Buy/Sell page.  If you already have a reduced fee, the reduced volume fee will only apply if it’s lower.

Trading Area Enhancements
Spend all and sell all functions have been added to the trading area – no more calculators required for working out fees.  Fees are also displayed more clearly. The layout has also been enhanced to separate the buy and sell forms to make it easier to trade.

BTC & LTC Deposits
BTC & LTC deposits will now be credited upon 3 confirmations on the blockchain.

Refer a Friend
Only a few days left to refer a friend and get your trading fee reduced to 0.5%.  The last day to take advantage is this Saturday the 31st of May.

Best Regards,

The BTC Markets Team



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